Friday, June 29, 2007

Well, Fuck Me!

I cant say I'm surprised that I've got a luscious R rating. Although I did at one point have an attack of the guilts and went trawling back through all my posts replacing the word FUCK with F***.

I'm not doing that anymore. This isn't a child's blog, and it shouldn't be viewed by children. Got it, FUCK FACE? Hehehee.

Dont worry.. my words wont hurt you. I just dont want to censor myself when it comes to expression.

Monday, June 25, 2007


I'm getting so slack at posting. I think I've started viewing it as a chore, rather than as something that I started voluntarily. I do actually want to post, and I do like posting... but there are just so many other distractions.

So, Dublin was good. Ate lots, drank lots. Enjoyed it lots.

Grrr.. I'm being hassled to get off the computer. I'm not moving. Bugger them. At work there are only two computers (two in the library, and one computer on the fourth floor) and I selfishly like to sit on one of them for the full lunch hour. Some temp chick is blabbing about wanting to check her email and that there should be a time limit. Ha. Fuck off. I was here first.

Man, that's really pissed me off. I hate being hurried. I HATE IT! It may sound childish, but I was here first goddammit, and I will not cut short what I planned to do just so that some stupid temp can do what she wants.

Hmm.. anyway, moving on.

Received a book in the post from Bookseller Chick. I'm stoked! I'm part way through it. I can only read it at bedtime, coz I havent finished reading the Robin Hobb book (The Liveship Traders - Book 1) yet and I read that on the train to and from work. I was actually thinking of starting reading another book that my Mum sent me.. but the only other time I've got free is lunchtime - and I spend that time blogging (and reading blogs and doing other internet stuff coz I dont get any time to do it at home since Martin discovered Facebook).

Books can be so frustrating sometimes. I've got so many I want to read, but so little precious time. NOT FAIR!! I may have split up my train time.. read one on the way to work, and a different one on the way home.

I still haven't seen the last Doctor Who from the weekend yet! I'm sooo hanging out for it!! I doubt I'll get time over the weekend since I've got a hen party to go to, but perhaps Sunday morning I could squeeze it in if I get up earlier than Martin and I dont have a killer hangover.

We started watching Cronos last night.. The same dude who made Pan's Labyrinth. My mind is once again awash with ideas for Fairy Tales. I'm really really excited about writing a collection.. I've just got to find the time to do it. I've also got to find the time to get my bloody Cloud People book underway. There just isn't enough damn time in the day to do anything!! If only I didn't have to work full time!!!!!

I'm definitely buying a lottery ticket or a few hundred this weekend! Definitely!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Guiness Ahoy!

Thankfully I'm able to walk without groaning with every step! ..and just in time for a romantic Ireland weekend!

I've just booked the long stay car park, I've got all the stuff ready to go... all I need to do now is pack.

Note to self: Dont forget your fucking camera!

So anyway.. sadly, writing has taken a bit of a back seat since I've barely had enough time to scratch my arse recently. I've cancelled one of my piano students coz I just didn't have the time and patience (or will) to teach him anymore, and I've changed my adult student's lesson to be on Monday rather than Thursday. So, now I've only got two students, and both of them on a monday! Hooooorah!!! That leaves the rest of the week freeeeee.

Tuesday of this week was taken up by frivolity at work, and Wednesday flew past in a flurry of too much tv, tidying, and nothingness. While Thursday flew past with the last piano lesson for my adult student on the Thursday plus a trip to Bluewater, then a nice hot shower.

I still haven't packed for the weekend yet.

I'm looking forward to going, but I'm not looking forward to getting up at the crack of dawn to be at the airport by 5am. Bugggggger. Why on earth did I book the flight for 7am! To save money I suppose. Thats the thing.. you can save money, but it will always be at the expense of sleep.

Right.. time to relax and enjoy the rest of my lunch hour.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aching From Head to Toe

Yesterday after work we all went to an 'Its A Knockout' event which involved running around in teams getting wet and foamy.

It was bloody good fun, but I've never seen so many bottles of fairy liquid used all in one place!!

There was an inflatable 'mountain' that we had to run and jump over, but no matter how hard I tried I just could not get over it. At one point I slipped on the matt at the start and just hit the front of it. I bet I looked pretty stupid.

It was good fun even though I just could not get over that damn hill.

Today, though, every single muscle in my body is crying out. I've discovered muscles I didn't even know I had!!!

It just goes to show how unfit I am.

Must get back on the treadmill!! I must!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lazy Weekend

I had a bit of lazy weekend.

Not really that much to report on.

Doctor Who was really cool. It was also pretty damn scary with those statues that moved but didnt!

Also watched far too much Big Brother.

Also watched a film called Deja Vu (with Denzel Washington in it). It was great. It was great. Hehehe.

So thats about it. Should be an easy week this week. I'm teaching tonight, but I'm going to dump my 7 year old student, coz I just dont have the patience or will to keep teaching him. Its too far to drive, and it'd be easier for me to replace his time-slot with my Thursday night student. That way I only have to go out teaching on one day a week, instead of two.

Counting down the days to our trip to Dublin on Saturday! Sunday will be our first year wedding anniversary.

I cant believe its been a year already!!!!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Big Brother

Well... What a series!

Firstly.. Love the house and style and the idea to start with all girls then slowly trickle in the boys.

Secondly... Emily's removal. WTF???????? I'm absolutely apalled by Channel 4! Two words come to mind - Knee Jerk! How on earth could they lump all of the crap they got from the racism row of Celebrity Big Brother onto Emily's shoulders? Why the hell should she be made a scape goat just to save their arses?? She wasn't offensive or bullying in any way. She was joking around with a friend. I think there's a pretty big fucking difference between what Emily said and what those three girls in CBB said. The three girls in CBB were abusive. Regardless of the racial remarks they made, they were abusive. Emily was not abusive. I would even go so far as to say she wasn't even racist. She just blurted out a term that she was comfortable with and had grown up with and did not consider it offensive, and she had not meant any harm. She was being friendly.

IS the whole of the UK full of babies?! Why has everyone jumped up and down about this?? Have we got to the stage where no one can say absolutely anything in case we offend someone?!?! What happened to free speech???

If we're going to go down that path then lets consider all the other 'isms' that are deemed unacceptable but were raised in the BB house. Ziggy seemed to like calling all women sluts and bitches. Charley and Nikki were saying nigger. Shahbaz from last years BB called him self the double-whammy 'paki-poof', and I wonder how long it will take for people to start calling Laura and Carole fat. Is calling people fat going to be an 'ism' too? fatism? Body-shape-ism?

Big Brother has gone overboard. Was it fair of them to question Emily at 3.30am and expect her to defend herself right then and there? Was it fair of them to remove her from the house in her bedclothes? She said she wasn't even wearing underwear. How fair is that? I think BB's treatment of her is pretty damn poor if you ask me.

I was actually hoping Emily would win. She had been vilified from the start, and that little vixen Channelle is the one thats stomping her feet and wailing like a brat. Emily didn't once raise her voice or swear. She quietly stated her fair comments and thats it.

It pisses me off.

But it makes for good tv, so there ya go. Channel 4 are pretty clever. They could have dubbed the whole conversation and not made such a big deal out of it, but nooooo... there's just too much to be gained from something like this. They've got their publicity now. Even though Emily is probably going to be hated forever and will probably find it tough to pursue her career.

They should have just given her a stern warning and then moved on.

I'm moving on now. And the whole of the UK should too.

Phew, what a rant. Havent had a rant like that in ages. In fact I dont remember the last time I had a really strong opinion on something.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I cleverly updated my sidebar to include The Novel Racers... but stupidly forgot to actually put all the links in!

It has been fixed now!

I was pretty damn tired this morning after staying up so late last night. Doctor Who finished downloading at 1.11am and I stayed up to watch it.

It was great. It was oh so touching to see the Doctor aka John Smith being all human and emotional. I swear I almost wept. Hehehe.


I'll have to wait week by week for the rest of the series now. Grrr.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Waiting... Waiting...

Its nearly 1am and the latest episode of Doctor Who has almost finished downloading...


I'm watching Big Brother Live to keep me entertained while I wait.. I've also been browsing other blogs etc.

I've updated my side bar a fair bit recently. I juggled things around and changed my profile picture (again!).

I've also added a list of the Novel Racers. I thought I'd join, so now I really really really should get going on my novel. I'm such a lazy bitch. But, pillow washing really can be quite addictive and time consuming sometimes.

Man, I am counting the minutes til I can get my next dose of David Tennant.

I wonder if he ever googles his name... How cool would it be if he stumbled across my blog and my confessions of love for him. Hehhehee.


More More MORE!

I've just realised that I'm not completely up to date with Doctor Who!

I downloaded all the episodes over the weekend coz I hadn't seen any of them yet, but didn't take into account the episode that aired on Saturday!!


But... there is a silver lining.... it now feels like i've found 20 pounds in the pocket of an old forgotten jacket - you know that feeling, that stunning surprise and delight that you feel when you find out that there is 'more'!

If only I could make the damn episode download faster!! I want to watch it NOW goddammit! NOW!!!!!

It Must Be Love, Love, Love!

I've just spent the entire weekend catching up on the third series of Doctor Who.

I'm in love!


I know I'm terribly geeky (I have a small plastic Tardis sitting on my desk at work and I'm incredibly proud of it) but I dont care. If adoring David Tennant (aka Doctor Who) makes me a geek, then so be it.

I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with the new 'assistant'. I dont really have anything against her other than that I thought Billy Piper was absolutely perfect. I suppose it doesn't really matter because its not like I'm looking at anybody else other than David Tennant when I'm watching it.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Nemi Rocks

Lonely Lonely Lonely Writer

I'm on my own now.

Hubby has flown and I've got the house to myself for a week. I hope he has a great time, but I also know that he's flying into the viper's nest!! There are a bunch of girls at the office he is visiting that want nothing more than to get their slutty claws into him!

It annoys me that other people dont respect 'marriage'... but I have no worries with where Martin's heart lies. I've already got three email from him... though that may be just the excitement of having a blackberry! Hehe.

I'm not only lonely from Martin leaving I'm also lonely at work. Wendy is off sick, Sam is out at meetings and then is off for the afternoon, and I've no idea where Matthew is, so I've got the whole office to myself!! The underwriting department is not in the open plan section of the office with everyone else, we're secluded away in an office for just the four of us... but today its all mine!

I dont mind, though. My printer blocks everyone's view of my desk so I sat reading the Metro all morning, and I've gorged myself on three chocolate bars so far (to keep my spirits up, of course!). I attempted the sudoko in the Metro, but it looked frustratingly a little tricky.

I have had a flash of my first chapter for the Cloud People book (its the working title.. very bad one, too!). I'm starting off with my protag at aged 6 daydreaming on the roof of her castle. You see, she's the heir to the throne, so its fitting that she should have a castle. So anyway, she's daydreaming, then enter her friend (& future lover), boy aged 7 (wizard in training), and that leads to the girl falling off the castle...........

I dont want to go into it too much in case I lose my interest/momentum.

I haven't got a name for my protag yet, or for the boy. Or her father, the King. Or the title of the book. Hmm. I do have two names for two wizards though - Carillion & Fenchurch. I got the former name from a claim title here at work, and the latter is obviously a street & train station in London. Although, now that I've mentioned them I think they sound more fitting for army generals or something.

Hmmm.. will have to think on that.

Front Row

I've been invited to Caroline's book launch!

I sooo wish I could go, but its up in Manchester (and I'm in Kent) and I cant afford the time off work. Also, two days later hubby and I are flying to Dublin for romantic weekend getaway for our first anniversary! Cant miss that!

I do hope that the book launch goes well and I'm very much looking forward to reading it! Its been on my Amazon wish list for months now!!