Friday, February 29, 2008


Is today dragging or what?

Perhaps its because I'm at work with no work to do. I'm twiddling my thumbs. I'm all blogged out as far as reading goes.

I really should spend time writing, but with my head so full of cold I just cant think straight.

I'm so looking forward to an easy weekend. I'm going to make a raspberry and chocolate pavlova tomorrow night. I'm actually going to make two, one for Saturday night when we have friends over, and the other for Mother's Day. I've never made one before but it seems easy. Whip eggwhites, add sugar, bake, cool, add topping, eat.

I normally dont bake... Only because of laziness really, and the complete lack of interest I have in desserts. Its quite odd actually. I thought I was such a sweet tooth, but that really only applies to chocolate. And I mean just straight chocolate - not chocolate flavoured things. Pah. Choc flavoured things are fakes. Give me the real creamy chocolatiness of proper brown gold above any 'flavoured' thing any day!

...But I am going to bake tomorrow, mainly because its the first friends we're having over for dinner since moving into our new flat, and because I know they like pavlova (merengue!). I'm so looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to receiving a package from my Mum tomorrow. I think she has sent me socks. Mums - Damn fine creatures, eh!

Right, well, I'm going to try to fill the rest of my day... only two hours to go...

The Cold Writer

I am full of cold. Sniffling and miserable.

TFIF (I dont thank God for anything!)

I'm having an easy night tonight, though I have to clean the house. I probably shouldn't drink, but I have two whole bottles of Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan and I dont want them having a party in my cupboard without me. Perhaps I'll just drop in for one or two, then pass out early.

On the writing front -

Oh my, have I been lazy! I keep trying to live by the same excuse of 'just moved house, life a mess, cant possibly write right now'... but the truth is is that time is relative and like anything juicy you can always squeeze one last drop out. There is enough time in the day. I just have to recognise it.

Poor Jerry has been gathering dust since I pathetically failed Nano last year, and I even had a hard time remembering what my damn Nano novel was about.

I've been lurking and absorbing all the info still being churned out in the blogosphere, and have occasionally left a comment or two, but generally I've been living under the radar.

I will get back to writing. I will. I must. I want to. I really want to.

I really dont want to be full of cold. *sniffle*

I also really want a decent damn job. And one within publishing so that I can stay close to my love. I hate working in crap industries that I have absolutely zero interest. I'm temping with a property company at the moment. They 'interviewed' me for the permanent position and asked the horrid question: 'Why do you want to work in property?'

rant rant rant (I've removed what I originally wrote coz I just realised if anyone at work googled my name it could come up and that wouldn't be at all good!)

Hmm... What has got into me? I wonder if its a full moon...

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Bloomsbury sux.

An agency has put me forward for a job at Pengiun though.

Fingers crossed.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where Am I?

Here I am.

I'm still here, lurking on the net. Watching. Reading. Learning.

My enthusiasm for this blog thing has fizzled a bit, but I'm getting more settled in my new house, and we've just bought a new computer, so once I get sorted with a permanent job then I'm sure I'll snap out of my wanderings and will post something more like I used to.

I'm so excited about our new computer. Its big and fancy and it actually WORKS! Its my first time with Vista, and it seems ok. Not sure there was anything wrong with XP, but there ya go. My lap top, after crashing three times in one week, has been reloaded again and if I can manage to get myself a wireless router without parting with any precious £££ then I'll have it connected to the internet as a backup (where I can download to my heart's content without affecting the speed of the new computer - or without opening it up to viruses!).

The house is all but done. We've got curtains, but no poles to hang them on. This should be rectified by the weekend. All the fixtures and fittings are on the walls etc, except for a bathroom shelf, and the new massive mirror is being delivered next Tuesday. All we have to do now is find some bedside tables, a sofa bed for the spare room, and some dressing table type drawers or shelves that I can use by my bedroom mirror without taking up too much space.

So. Normalcy has pretty much returned. Except on the job front.

I'm working at a property consultant place doing very little work! I'm a secretary to the valuations department, but all of last week I just sat there twiddling my thumbs. It got quite boring as there is only so much surfing on the net you can do without going crazy, but at least they were paying me. I squandered the time when I could have been using it as writing time. Ah well. My muse is still on holiday.

I'm waiting to hear back about an interview I attended on Tuesday. If I get the job then I'm going to be over the moon. I hope they call soon. If not by 4pm then I'm definitely calling them! Mustn't be pushy, but hopefully I will be seen as 'enthusiastic and proactive' though I think I'll come across as pathetic and desperate. I'm sure they'll consider me though, they didn't pass up on publishing Harry Potter like every other publisher out there. Thats right. Its Bloomsbury publishing. I didn't call them. They called me. Thats got to be a good sign, right?! I put my CV out there for a job that I was in no way qualified to do, but they called me up anyway to interview me for another position. Hoorah.

Fingers crossed.

Waiting... waiting... waiting for that call...