Saturday, January 26, 2008


Finally. Got the internet set up at home! I think its a bit shaky, but it seems to be holding for now.

If only I had the time to spend surfing...

Friday, January 11, 2008

No Time

Back from Oz. Moved into new flat. No internet connection yet. No job. No writing done.


No worries! Things are starting to settle down and I'm going to try to get the internet set up at home by early next week. Just bought a load of new furniture today. Hooray. Only got to paint, change the carpet, and fix the tv to the wall and we're set!

I'm so looking forward to things going back to normal. I'd even welcome a boring rut! I haven't had a chance to read any blogs or anything in the last month, let alone devote any time to writing! Ah well. Mustn't rush things. Stress is a funny thing, and I'm going to try to concentrate on relaxing and not worrying about the things I'm not doing but should be.

I got about four bottles of Jack Daniels for Christmas... thats a good start! People know me so well!