Friday, April 25, 2008

Stupidity at 30

If happiness is buying 10 new books guilt free (for my birthday) then stupidity is that 3 out of those 10 books I already own - so I've had to return them. But that doesn't mean I'm settling at 7 new books - oh no - it just means I can choose 3 other books!


My folks are in town this week (they're Aussies but they live in NY), which is nice. Mummy dearest has bought me a sewing machine so I can now finish hemming my curtains!

I am quite the domestic goddess!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holy Moly!

116 words

Speed test

I took this test a few times and improved with each time. I noticed that my typing speed got faster when I read ahead faster. Its a bit odd that the test uses random words rather than full sentences, which was a bit off putting at first, but at least they were easy common words without too many capital letters or apostrophes etc.

I'm smugly chuffed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Your Horoscope for APRIL 16, 2008

After the rush of energy over the past few days, Kate, today you may feel a powerful letdown. Not every day can be filled with adventure and excitement. For now, you just need to take care of the routine matters that are a by-product of life on Earth. However, keep in mind that there are many social opportunities coming up, and with the right kind of planning, you can get excitement back into your life.

Looking forward to more excitement!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happiness at 30!

Happiness is buying ten new books guilt-free.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Just takin' a break.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Nightmares... or Not?

I had the weirdest dream last night. It involved a crocodile, a kitten, and my pants!

But the dream isn't the point. The point I wanted to make was that most of the time you hear about people waking up screaming, or talking in their sleep or whatever, but I woke myself up because I was laughing.

I could feel my body wanting to laugh but because I was so languide, being asleep and all that, I was making this funny choking sound. Hubs thought I was sobbing like a baby, but that didn't stop him from being annoyed that I'd woken him up. When he spoke to me I burst out laughing and tried to sloppily explain that having a crocodile and a kitten in your pants would make him laugh too.

I think I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly after that, and I dont remember any dreams thereafter, but I still have this odd image of the kitten trying to hide from the crocodile and my butt being scratched to death!

Very odd! I wonder if there is a book idea in it. Hehehe.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thud & Mayhem

It was going so well...

I've got a lot of my book organised in my head (so, really, if its only in my head then its not really a 'book', but I shall call it a book nonetheless and I will feel no shame that not a word has yet been written!), I can almost see the first chapter and can hear how it will sound if read aloud...

Then THUD!


A sleepless Sunday night and a tummy ache (well what can I really expect from eating chips & burgers two nights in a row!) lead me to take Monday off work - which I'm paid hourly at coz I'm a temp - which depressed me even more since if I'm not at work then I'm not earning. The only thing keeping me going through Monday and Tuesday (back at work and dead tired, head dully throbbing) was the waiting waiting waiting to hear the verdict on my interview at Penguin.

Went to the pub Tuesday night and against all good common sense I had three pints of Doom Bar (lovely bitter), and happily trotted home to find an evilly cold and disconnected email in my inbox.

I'd been expecting a phone call from at least one of the girls who interviewed me, but the email was from a strangely named HR employee. The friendly 'thanks' at the beginning was enough to let me know that they'd stupidly passed on hiring me.


Ah well. After 2.5 years, three stints of work experience, and over 60 applications to Penguin I'd say it was about time I was interviewed. Someone once told me that persistence is the key... I suppose I'm being persistent eh. Hehehe. I'm not sure why I've set my sights on Penguin - maybe its because its got a cute name and an even cuter little logo - but since I haven't got any other work-related goals (obviously other than being a writer of fabulous novels) then I figured I may as well set my sights on SOMETHING! It certainly beats the crappy secretary job I'm doing now!

So, until I can get my ideas down onto paper succinctly and get published and make enough money to quit my day job then I may as well keep trying to break into the publishing industry, coz at least I'll be surrounded by books which is definitely not a bad place to be. A damn sight better than working in a shit job in an industry I care so little about it makes me strain my eyes from rolling them so much!

Three more job applications pending for Penguin - but now I have someone's email address in HR, so I'm going to chase them up directly!!!

Mwah ha ha ha haaaa... I shall snag that elusive job - I shall be victorious!!!!

If only I could shake this lingering migraine...