Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Books

Well, I finished the Book Thief.

Still not impressed.

So, I've bought some new books to read.

Robin Hobb's Rain Wild series.... I can't wait to start, the first one arrived in the post today.

I've read the Liveship Traders, and the other ones with Fitz (my favourite!!!), so hopefully this series will be just as good!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plodding Along

So I'm still slowly working my way through The Book Thief. My opinion hasn't changed much. Its not a bad read, but then again I wouldn't give it the glittering stars that others have.

But anyway, I'm wondering what I should be writing... my simple urban fantasy story, or part one of my fully fledged high fantasy novel.......

Hmm... tricky. My lazy side says stick to the stand alone simple story, which would not only be easier to write but would probably be easier to get published (especially on the back of all this Twilight rubbish).

But somewhere deep down there is a kernel of long-lost and almost forgotten ambition that is smouldering away waiting to burst into the flames of my ravaging high fantasy novel which is set in the clouds above a world on fire. It keeps eating at me. Its what I want to write in the end. Ever since I had glandular fever and was bed-bound for a week and I picked up Feist's Magician I've always wanted to write a fantasy novel.

My first attempt (which is still in the pipeline!) was dragged out over many years and I really enjoyed exploring it. I think I managed to plan out two trilogies - with scope for more! In fact I may even set this latest trilogy in the same world, but set in the future. So, hopefully my first published fantasy trilogy will actually be the sequel, while the second to be published will be the prequel and the next one will be the prequel sequel.. or something like that. I dunno. Its going to be something like 9 books all up... give or take.. and I'll be starting at number 7.

But there'll be zero if I don't start writing sometime soon... grrr!

I'm just rambling now. I'm gunna goto bed and read some more of The Book Thief. Its just a shame that it doesn't inspire me to write. I don't actually like the way it's written. Some lines are too abstract. I can't stand that poncy bullshit. Keep it simple, people!