Saturday, December 20, 2008

Electricity in the Air

I can feel it. The buzz.

I've moved into my own flat and I'm slowly gathering my things to me. I'm nesting and burrowing, gathering and collecting. I'm carving out my own space and it feels fabulous!

I find myself occasionally thinking about my flat and I smile. Its a secret smile all to myself, and when I realise that it just makes me smile all the more.

2009 is going to be my year.

The buzz is buzzing, and its relentless. No matter what gets thrown at me (ie a job that is getting so stressful that I think my head is going to explode, an ex-husband who loves door-handle arguments etc) I still find myself smiling because I know I have my own space and I have my own future to carve out. Its deliciously selfish, and I'm gratuitiously writhing around in it and I'm not giving any apologies.

So, when is the writing going to come? Soon. I feel it bubbling. I'm not such an inexperienced little girl that I'm going to push a great weight of expectation of my new situation onto my writing, I'm just going to carefully carve out a channel to properly direct myself towards success.

Twilight is out at the cinema, and I remember reading about it on the Pubrants blog, so I feel the push of competition and inspiration upon me.

I cant wait. Bedamned with Christmas, and 2008 be over with! The new year is mine. I cant wait!