Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Pitch

Last week I had the urge to sum up the book I'm going to write in November (very bad working title of 'Cloud People'), and I happened to wander over to Bookends and saw the Perfecting Your Pitch post. So, I added my pitch to the comments section, along with 130 others.

Mine is the Seventeenth.

I'm anxiously awaiting it being torn apart.

Since re-reading it I want to tweak it some more, but its not a bad start. It lifts a weight off my shoulders to have it written down like that, but until its torn apart I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I think it needs a more catchy sentence stitched onto the end.

Anyway. For my own information here it is:

Fantasy Novel (Untitled)

Ellusia Carver is the first child born that has survived, since the Breaking of the World. Her father's Kingdom is suspended high up in the clouds with the aid of the Magicians of Tove while the world below them boils in a turmoil of dragons and fire.

The Kingdom is in civil unrest and the King's brother is gaining more favour as he steps up his search for a safe place to settle their fragile land. The King, however, wants to reach upwards and develop the pact he entered into with the Ethereans, who saved his daughter’s life, but at what cost? In the middle of this Ellusia is growing up isolated and confused. When her brother is killed she becomes the sole heir to the throne of a Kingdom that is turning against her.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Many Things

So many things to write about... but no time (or strong enough urge to stop me from being lazy)

Perhaps I'll get back to blogging next week.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Inspired To Write

This link HERE has given me a burst of inspiration to get writing...

I know that I'm stuck on my plot though. Its frustrating. I'm fine with getting a back story and loose entire plot organised, its just all the little sub plots and the actual rolling out of the main plot that I get tangled up in.

I need to think.

I need to sit down and think without interruption!

I need to use my brain before it fizzles away!!!

Dream Home?

Seems a little bit computer gamey to me. I like the hedge maze though!

Your home is a

Gamer's Manor

Your kitchen is stocked with chips, dips, and assorted caffeinated beverages. There's a pantry with emergency backup caffeinated beverages. You also have some breakfast cereals in there, but you haven't had breakfast since last Spring. Your master bedroom has blankets printed with images of Mario and Link. Your study includes unread copies of various gamer magazines, each purchased for the free demo CDs. One of your garages holds your collection of ferraris, and is measured in acreage.

Your home also includes a guest wing and private quarters for your servants. Your guests enjoy your collection of every console and associated game ever made. Except the Intellivision -- those controllers drive them NUTS. Outside is your hedge maze and gardens, meticulously tended by a team of world-class botanists.

Below is a snippet of the blueprints:

Find YOUR Dream Home!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I have an idea.

Its just a seed at the moment.

Well, its just an imaginary seed at the moment.

Perhaps, though, I will plant it. And watch it grow and grow.

It could turn into an ivy and strangle the life out of me, but I do hope that it becomes a rose with the most intense scent!

And perhaps. Just perhaps. I may speak of this 'idea' here with less mystery.

But for now... I need to soak the seed and prepare it for plantation. Once I know what it will bloom into then I may speak of it more here.

*I'm so excited!*

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Its that time again.

I've signed in and updated my profile (added another year to my age etc! Oh, how depressing. I refuse to update it next year when I enter into my third decade on Earth!)

My profile is HERE

I'm going to try my best at getting my Untitled fantasy novel done... I've given it the working title of 'Cloud People'. I know that in my sidebar it shows I've done 500 words.

I haven't.

I just didn't want to set it to zero. It was just toooo depressing.

I'm still fleshing out the plot in my head, but hopefully it'll be ready to put on paper/screen by November 1st. And hopefully I'll have enough drive and patience to do it. After last year I kind of did nothing as soon as November 30th rolled around. Here's hoping that I dont snuff out my ambition to be a full time writer!

I must get Jerry out and dust him off.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One For The Ladies

This is the best damn thing since sliced bread!!!

Its called a MOONCUP!!!