Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Finally moved into our new house on Friday December 14th!!!

Then jetted off to Oz for two weeks from December 20th.... Ahhh.. the summer sunshine!

Its nice to see the folks etc and be able to get online. Hopefully my bro can fix my computer so when I fly back to the UK I can get online at home.

Then I've gotta find another job, dammit! At least I've got a week's work experience at Penguin Publishing.. Fingers crossed that they take me on full time.

Friday, December 07, 2007


The days keep dripping past like a leaky tap, and I'm still homeless. Martin and I are staying in a little holiday cottage (set in the delightful Kent countryside), which is lovely. Its frustrating, though, that we're having to live out of suitcases and we wont have enough time to settle into our new house before we go away for Christmas.
Hopefully we will exchange and complete on our new house before we go away, anyway, so that we can at least have the keys and partially move in.
Its taken over four months so far. We first viewed the house on the 29th July, and had our offer accepted on the 30th.

I haven't had time to get my computer up and running again, and I haven't written anything more on Jerry because there isn't much room left and I've got no where to download it to! So, book-wise I'm lagging. I've started reading 'Eats Shoots and Leaves' which is quite enjoyable. I absolutely adore grammar. I'm hoping to be able to master it one day. I'm still fumbling with it, and it frustrates me so much!!

I came up with a spiffing new book idea!! I know, I know I should finish what I've already got started, but I just cant help it. The ideas just keep pouring into my head!! I'm going to keep the title secret for a while, until I can develop the plot some more. I'm going to keep the plot secret too... just because. Its a special project that I want to keep quiet about until its fully fleshed out. I will give one hint about it though....... It contains elements of time travel. (Its set in modern day, but has a touch of the fantastic about it).

I'm feeling a little bit perplexed. I feel myself leaning towards writing fantasy themes into modern settings, rather than my favourite genre of pure fantasy (dragons, myth and magic! Not demons, vampires or YA stuff, but your classic Tolkein fantasy!). Perhaps thats not the writer I'm supposed to be. I'm still going to stick with it, though. I'm not going to give up on my 'Cloud People' (temporary title) book until I've finished it, shopped it around for about ten years, pulled it apart and re-written it, shopped it around for another ten years, used it as a level under my crooked table, shopped it around some more, and then finally used it to wipe my arse with.

Anyway. Must get on. I will return to writing in the New Year, when I start my week's 'work experience' with Penguin Group UK (YES!). Fingers crossed that they give me a full time job!!!