Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Life To Fleeting Life

So, the snow has been very helpful. Apart from giving me time off work - coz I have to catch two trains to get to work and both the Southeastern and the Southern lines were having a teeny bit of trouble with the snowflakes - its giving me time to write.

And write I did.

I'm getting back into my NaNoWriMo novel which, although completed with over 50,000 words, it wasn't completed completed. I finished Nano, but I cant actually say I have a completed novel on my hands. A lot of it was rough, and the storyline was a bit gappy. I need to add in a whole 'nother character, plus I'm thinking of adding in a twist to the plot aka Twilight style. (Gee, can ya guess what I'm talking about?).

I've never really been into the whole vamp novel thing, but 2009 seems like a good year to start afresh, so I'm going to see what I can do. Fleeting Life isn't going to be a vamp novel per se, but it will lead to one. Fleeting Life is actually a ghost novel. Well, sort of. Well, kinda sorta, but, umm... oh never mind. I dunno what it is. And I think its best I dont try to define it.

So, how's it going? Good, I think. I re-hashed the first chapter with a heart-thumping new section in it where the hero and heroine meet. I think its a must if I'm aiming for the younger market. I think the novel lacked a bit of heart and emotion anyway. Hopefully the snow will continue so I can take more time off to write more, but I'm happy with the new ideas I'm coming up with.

Hey, and I'm blogging again. What a long break its been. Its been an iffy start to the year, but hopefully I can find some semblance of an ordered life and start getting back on track.

Come on, SNOW goddamit!


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