Sunday, January 04, 2009

Have A Happy New Year - I Dare You!

What a crappy start to the New Year.

I woke New Years Day with the beginnings of a three-day migraine! I only had three drinks the night before, so I dunno what brought that on!

Then as I was cleaning up my sister buzzed me on the computer and told me that one of her friends couldn't handle moving into 2009 and had hanged herself. Shame. She was awesome, and I'll miss her loads.

Then I had to go to work on Friday coz I was too stupid to book it off as holiday, and I think at some point between leaving my house and getting home I lost my wallet. All my bank cards and stuff. Gone. And its soooo frustrating!!!

To add to that after making loads of phone calls trying to find my wallet, and canceling all my cards, my phone battery went dead and my phone charger refuses to work.

It has been kind of liberating though. I've spent the last month or two accumulating possessions for my new flat, so I suppose it was things trying to balance out. I wandered around town with my friend who is staying with me and I felt oddly liberated not having my phone or wallet on me. My watch band broke a week ago, so I also didn't have a watch on. I was timeless and free. It was actually pretty cool (except for the sad sad news of my sister's friend weighing on my mind).

Santa was good to me, though. Amongst some lovely gifts I received Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight'. Its out at the cinema at the moment, but I've got to read it first. The first chapter had me completely hooked and I'm now trying to slow down and enjoy it. Its looking good so far. I haven't read for a while now and I feel like I'm putting my feet back on the ground.

So, there it is. Happy New Year. It can only get better. My wardrobes, bookcases, and microwave are being delivered on Wednesday, and I hear its supposed to snow.

OH - almost forgot the most important news of all. The NEW Doctor! The 11th Doctor! Matt Smith eh? I was a little taken aback by his somewhat odd looks, but he interviewed well and I'm thinking he could be a good edition to the Doctor Who clan. I await Spring 2010 eagerly! (But I will always love David Tennant as the Doctor!)