Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Selling loads of stuff on ebay!

We're clearing out our house of all the useless junk that we either dont need, dont want, or dont have room for anymore.... because...


... we've put in an offer on a house and its been accepted!!!


My hunny and I are sooooon to be on the property ladder, and we're absolutely stoked!
The offer was only accepted yesterday, but already we're sorting through all our crap and getting rid of everything we dont want. Its so amazing how much two people can accumulate over just four years!!!



Anyone want to buy my treadmill? £700.. (RRP £900). Its in great condition. I'm such a lazy slob I've barely used it!

Or what about a set of Congas??? £120.. (RRP £225)

Anyway... to find my stuff on ebay just CLICK HERE (opens a new window) My ebay name is 'Witcheryk'

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A New Lease On Life

I'm feeling strangely energetic and optimistic today! There must be something in the water...

This house hunting lark is frought with ups and downs. I'm going to have to get rid of my treadmill as its big and cumbersome... but I'll probably just swap it with an exercise bike cos they're a lot sexier looking.

I just wish I was at home right now, sorting through all my shit and throwing stuff away.. its so cleansing! We've got bags of rubbish sitting out the back door waiting to be taken to the dump, which I'll be doing on Saturday. Cant wait.

I'm also going to be listing loads of stuff on Ebay... so watch that space! My username is Witcheryk so keep and eyeball out for some great bargains - most especially my collection of books (mostly fantasy). I'll be sad to see them go, but the fun part will be buying new books! I just cant bear to give them away or throw them out.. we're so desperate for cash that I've got to at least try to get a penny for them!

I'll also be selling some Congas, a huge tv box full of videos, ummm... perfumes, shoes, a Star Wars chess set, magnetic dart board, ummm... lets see what else.. ummm... Hmm. Cant remember. Oh yes - loads of handbags! I'm having a clear out. I simply must! I'll also be sorting through my shoes and having a shoe clearout too. I desperately dont want to, but the box I keep all my shoes in is overflowing and it has gotten totally out of hand!!!

Its great to have clean-outs like this... coz there's the exciting prospect of acquiring a whole load of new shit! Hehehe.

Must make time to write though. I've gotta get three books written this year. Time is tick tick ticking away horribly quickly! - Even though time is a man-made concept and is totally a figment of our imaginations. I wish I knew how to stop deluding myself into thinking the minutes actually tick past one after the other.

Hey ho. Time will tell, though.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

House Hunting

My time has been eaten away by house hunting.

I thought that it might be quite exciting searching for houses, but its turning out to be nothing but misery. We either haven't got enough money, the houses are rubbish, or are already sold.

It sux.

Got another idea for a fairy tale though. It'll be called The Ravenous Oak. Perhaps sometime next millenium I'll get some time to write it.

I've skipped two books in The Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb to get straight back into Fitz's life in The Tawny Man trilogy. I can see hints at the story in the Liveship Traders, but for now I'm going to keep reading the Tawny Man. Perhaps I'll go back to the Liveship Traders when I'm done.

Ummmm... I'm totally broke.. ummm.. tired.. (which isn't unusual).. umm.. but other than that there aint nuttin to report. I'm really lazing off from Blogger lately and haven't felt the urge to read other blogs much either. Perhaps its just a lull.

We'll see.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Saw Metallica last night at Wembley Stadium.

It rocked!

I'm not a huge Metallica fan, Martin is though. He has seen them five times. I've seen them three times though.. thats the most I've seen one band. Muse comes in second place - I've seen them twice (and would definitely go again!).

Metallica definitely has grown on me, and I do have a favourite song - No Leaf Clover. They played it with an orchestra a few years back, and lucky enough they played it last night (adapted, of course!). It was pretty sensational.

I'm pretty impressed with the stadium. It was packed, but we were never squashed or anything. We had to wait ages in the beer and food queues though. And although there are 700,000,000 toilets I still had to queue up - but they used their brains when building them and made separate entry/exit doors!!

So, I was pretty stoked to be at Wembley Stadium, watching Metallica rock it the way it should be rocked. I think though that I was more excited about the thought that just twenty four hours before David Tennant was there at the Live Earth concert. Hehehe. I'm so sad. I cant help it though. I chuckled and grinned to myself and kept those thoughts to myself at the time, although now I'm uploading them onto the internet, public for the world to read.

But I dont care. I stand tall and proud about my crush. Hehe.

So. Live Earth. Pretty cool. So incredibly funny that poor old Jonathan Woss ..oops, I mean 'Ross', had to apologise everytime someone swore. Bit disapointing that they didn't show Metallica's full set, but thats mainstream bollocks for ya.

The other highlight of my week was seeing Tori Amos last Tuesday. It was at the Hammersmith Apollo, and its the first time I've seen her. It was fucken cool! She threw herself around raunchly between a keyboard and a piano and absolutely owned the stage. It was pretty funny that she completely messed up a song and had to stop. it was 'January Girl' from the 'Choir Girl Hotel' album. But even so, she was ever so cool about it. Cant say I liked her gold jumpsuit though.. but then again I've never thought much for her fashion sense. She played all my favourite songs though, so I'll forgive her.

So, it was a pretty damn good week if you ask me!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stories At The Particle Empire

I've updated my Particle Empire blog space to accommodate my short stories and other stuff. Its pretty bare at the moment, but as and when I get the time I'll be adding more to it.

My short story that I wrote for the WriteLink Weekender Challenge is on there.

I re-read it and it makes me cringe. Hehe. It actually kind of makes me want to throw up. How on earth I wrote soppy drivel like that, I'll never know. But it got me shortlisted, so I must've done something right.

Anyway. I've had enough messing with HTML, CSS and this whole blog thing. My eyeballs are starting to dry out and hurt.

Gotta get back to work too.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Good Day For Writing

Your Horoscope for JULY 03, 2007

If you've been thinking of getting started on a creative project of some kind, Kathryn Wheeler, particularly if it involves writing, this is definitely the day to do it. Your creative energies are really flowing and your mind should be focused and concentrated. The only problem is that once you start on this, you aren't likely to stop and do anything else. Remember to pace yourself and take little breaks.

Monday, July 02, 2007


In May I entered a short story competition with Writelink, and the results have just come out.

I got shortlisted!!


I didn't come anywhere near winning, but I dont care. The only other short story competitions I've entered are on The Libbon Magazine website. I only entered two or three and didn't get anywhere, so for my fourth try I thought I'd try the Weekender Challenge at Writelink, and hooray hooray my name has popped up on the shortlist.

I'm soooo pleased.

I'm stoked.

I'm over the moon.

I feel like I've got confirmation that I'm not a total knob head... and that feeeeeels soooooooooo good!! Yeehaaaaa!

Check out the results HERE!! See my name??? DO you seee it???

I'll post my story some time this week if I get around to it.

The theme was 'Falling', so I chose something deeply original to call my story - Autumn Leaves. Hehehe. I tried not to but I just couldn't get the story out of my head, so I had to write it as my head dictated. It was handy that the words just poured out, but also annoying because I felt that my head decided what story I was supposed to write without consulting me first. That happens far too often. I feel like I'm just the hand holding the pen while my head takes me for a ride and makes me do all the peddling. Grr. I'll take back control for the next short story comp I enter.

Hehehe.. Yay, I'm still buzzing that I got shortlisted. Imagine how I'd feel if I'd have won! Ha, nothing would get me down off that cloud for weeks!

Hmm.. looking forward to it!