Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book List

Well, time flies when you're reading The Dark Tower series... hehehe, see what I did there?

Ok, bad joke. Moving on.

I finished Stephen King's Dark Tower series a while ago, and I liked it. I didn't mind that the end was predictable and stupid.. it couldn't have been any other way, really. King even goes so far as to say he would have stopped the book a chapter early (without Roland reaching the Dark Tower).. but that would have been frustrating as all hell!

Anyway.. I haven't got any more to say about it, so moving on!


If you don't know that name, then you damn well should!!

'The Name of the Wind' - by Patrick Rothfuss

The main character, Kvothe, is brilliant.
The story is amazing!
The writing is sublime!

Read it!

Read it now!

'The Wise Man's Fear' is the second in the series.. and equally as awesome.

The third book........... is unwritten!!!

I know, it's incredibly frustrating, but that's just the way it is. Read the first two anyway. You are armed with the knowledge that the story is unfinished, so go forth and read. Don't fear. Just read. The third book will come along soon....... hopefully!

So, I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment. I finished 'The Wise Man's Fear' a few weeks ago and I've been trying to find something to fill the gap.

I've never read any Pratchett, and it was recommended to me, so I've downloaded the first book onto Kobo on my phone, and I'm trying so hard to get into it! It's a real struggle, but knowing there are 35 books in the series makes me feel a little comforted that I won't be left hanging so soon... but I've got to be drawn in first.

I've been so distracted with my artwork and stuff lately that it's hard to clear my head and concentrate. It's going to be a crazy busy summer this year (plus I've just launched my YouTube channel!), but hopefully I should be able to compartmentalise things and get myself organised soon. I'm moving house (bought my own flat, yay!), and I've got a good plan on how I'm going to lay everything out, which should be great fun to organise.

Life just keeps getting better and better, really. But it is harder and harder to find books to satisfy me. I'm hoping Pratchett can deliver!

Book recommendations are always welcome, by the way!

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Saturday, June 01, 2013

I'm a finalist

I drew a picture of a cat.

I entered my picture of a cat into a 'tattoo design' competition.

My picture of a cat got chosen as a finalist.

I grinned like a cheshire cat.

Happy days!

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I am currently running 7th out of 10 finalists. Voting closes 5th June! I've got a long way to go to catch up!

Oh, here's the picture of the cat:

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Slingin' Guns

Well, I'm sticking with the Gunslinger, by Stephen King.

It reeeeeeeally makes a difference to read well written sentences.

That's not to say that the Great Gatsby wasn't written well, or Robin Hobb's Rain Wild series. I guess I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to start reading those.

I am determined to stick with the Gunslinger. I will finish a book if it goddamm takes me all year!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Well, I'm another year older.

Hey ho and onward...

I'm reading The Gunslinger by Stephen King.. the first of the Dark Tower series. I'm hanging in there. It's soooooo nice to be reading something by someone who can actually write!!!

All good :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stephen King

I'm ashamed to say that I'm quite behind the times when it comes to Stephen King. I've seen some of the films, but only ever read a book of short horror stories which I think contained a Stephen King story, or it was full of them.. I can't remember...

I'm feeling drawn towards The Dark Tower series. Maybe it's because I watched Firefly not long ago, which kinda has that same wasteland feel to it. I dunno. I don't even know what it's about, but for some reason I'm drawn to it.

I'm still trying to read The Great Gatsby, but it's not going very well. I'm finding it difficult to even remember that I'm supposed to be reading it.

I feel like we're living in a futuristic world now, where imaginations are running wild but attention spans are shrinking. In only the few minutes it's taken to type out this post I'm bored with it already and want to move on to something else. Perhaps that's just the influence of Homeland's bipolar character, Carrie, coming through. I just finished watching that series, and the agitation her character emanates is a little catching.

I think I'm going to go horizontal on the couch for the rest of the day.. and try to shake off this looming migraine. That's probably what's eating me at the mo. Although this snowing weather has also sapped my energy. Snow in March. Snow in fucking March! It's after the spring equinox for fuck's sake. Enough already! Bring out the sunshine.. I need it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vegas Baby!

I am going to Fantasy Con in Vegas next year! I dunno how I'll afford it, or how I'll get there, where I'll stay, or whatever, but I'm definitely going!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Next Book

So, until I can actually get my fat ass into a bookshop to go through all of Feists books to figure out which one I'm up to, I can't really download anything onto my phone (via Kobo) to start reading just yet.......

I read an interview in the newspaper the other day with Isla Fisher about her role in the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and she gushed on and on about what a good book it is. I've heard of it, but I've never read it. To be honest I never even knew what it was about. So, I googled a synopsis of it, and it sounds kinda ok, so I thought I might give that a go. There's no dragons in it, but perhaps I can look past that if the actual writing is good.

That reminds me, I also downloaded a free preview of it, but haven't started it yet. perhaps I'll do that before I go to sleep.

Watching Skyfall tonight. Love it! I saw it at the Odeon in Leicester Square, sitting in the Royal Circle in the centre with the perfect view. Now I shall watch it from the comfort of my couch with my trusty little heater keeping me warm while my roast beef bubbles away in the slow cooker. Shit, I don't have any red wine. Ah well, almost a perfect evening!